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What We Think Of Vermont

One of our Pupils wrote what she thought was great about Vermont School:


  • We get to play out the back of the classroom;
  • We get to play in the block soft room - it's really fun;
  • We get to play Dobble and Just Dance and lots of other fun things;
  • We can play games on laptops;
  • The teachers in every class are amazing;
  • You get to play on our massive field if you are a Gold Band or with your class if you are a Green Band;
  • We have two dogs called Dave and Bryn;
  • You get to go swimming on Fridays or Wednesdays;
  • Sometimes we have a school trip to Paultons Park;
  • You can buy an experience from the School Shop to go to the woods;
  • There is a climbing frame in the playground;
  • Sports Coaches come and play games with your class.

Enjoying Vermont School!

Mary Leslie, one of our Governors, spoke to us about what we thought of Vermont.


These are some of our answers.......


How does Vermont compare to other schools? 

"This school is better because they speak to you more and care about you."


"It's easier to learn here. At my other school, they didn't teach you new things, they taught you what you already knew to make it easier for them."


"The school helps me believe that someone cares so I don't get as angry."


"We learn here. They expect us to DO more."


"It's better here, they actually help you with the work and they know what you need to focus on."


"My goal is to be a mechanic. They help me read and they teach stuff that is car related. I wrote a story about a BMW E36; they didn't do that at my other school."


We know we are achieving when....

"We get free time where we get to play."


"When we get Golden Achievements."


"When we can't do it, we have to stop and make a plan to try to do it."


What targets do you have at the moment?

"We have Skills Cards, and ours is kindness."


"We have a 'WALT' (what we are learning today). If it [work] is red, we need a lot of help, if it's orange, we need a little help and if it's green we can do it with no help."


"I need to focus on my reading and my dyslexia. They are encouraging me and help you more."


"They help me believe I can achieve. They tell me I can achieve stuff and get somewhere."