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What our Parents Say.....

Parent Comments July 2019


"Thank you to all the staff at Vermont who have played a part in supporting [our child] this last school year.

We know it has been challenging.....but we have also seen some real positive changes in him. He has matured so much and started to accept responsibility for his actions......

.....We have massive respect for everything you do. You are making a real difference in helping children that a lot of the time have been given up on and you have to work extra hard to build them back up to believe they are worth it and stand a chance.

You are all amazing!"


"From day one, you have been a blessing to our family. Thank you for the years of love, guidance and compassion. We will NEVER forget you. But most importantly, thank you for giving [my child] a second chance." 


"To all the Vermont Superheroes!

Thank you for all that you have done for [my child]."

Comments from Parent Consultations on 16/10/2017


"Fantastic school. Dedicated staff. Couldn't wish for better school for my son to attend. The staff go above and beyond every day for the pupils to achieve. I have always been very impressed by all the staff's attitude and caring nature to my son."


"All staff are excellent and they value the students - best choice of school for our son."


"Pupils are well supported by staff and our child is very happy at this school."


"I think all Vermont Staff are great and they should all have a pay rise!!"


"Fab school. Pupils are really well supported. My son is happy here. smiley"


"Vermont school have been a great support to my son and all the staff are great. He has come on a long way and has had tonnes of support both emotionally and academically."


"My child has made so much progress since being here. Well done to all staff for their support."


"A lovely team with an amazing group of boys. My son talks very highly of everyone here and now enjoys going to school each day. The support is really appreciated. smiley"


"The school and staff have exceeded our expectations for our son. Thank you."


Results from our September 2017 Questionnaire

(45% of parents returned responses)


My child feels safe at this school:

Strongly Agree:  50%        Agree:  42%        Disagree:   7%


My child makes good progress at this school:

Strongly Agree:  50%        Agree:  50%        


My child is happy at Vermont School:

Strongly Agree:  64%        Agree:  21%        Disagree:   14%


My child's needs are well supported:

Strongly Agree:  57%        Agree:  35%        Disagree:   7%


I feel well informed about my child's progress:

Strongly Agree:  71%        Agree:  28%        


The School responds to any concerns I have:

Strongly Agree:  50%        Agree:  50%        


My views as a parent/carer are listened to:

Strongly Agree:  50%        Agree:  50%        


The School is well led and managed:

Strongly Agree:  57%        Agree:  42%     


"I'm so proud of everything that my child has achieved here at Vermont. Thank you for everything you have done for him and us as a family."


"Lovely, caring staff and teachers."


"It's so nice knowing our child is happy at school at last! Knowing he's well supported and understood is so comforting as a parent."




Comments from parents, July 2017


"Our child has improved so much in behaviour and academically. Let's hope he keeps it up!"


"At first, I was so nervous about my child coming to Vermont School as I was the same with his previous school, but without the support from Vermont, myself and my son would not be in the place we are now. He has had ups and downs galore, but with the support from Vermont School staff, he is going in the right places and I can't thank you enough. Amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"My child has made a massive improvement since joining Vermont and all the staff have been wonderful."


"Since entering Vermont, my son has done really well and become happier in himself and gained confidence. He has made a selection of friends with students and teachers."


"Since my son has been here, he has made amazing progress and did amazingly well in his SATs. The support this year has been great and we will miss you all."

Comments from parents, July 2016


"My child has made extreme progress since coming to Vermont School. As a family, we are very proud of him and how well he is doing. He's much more confident about coming to school and talking to us at home about all the things that he has learned. We have noticed a huge difference in his behaviour!

The staff here are absolutely AMAZING! They have really guided and helped our child to achieve so much and as a family, we couldn't feel any more proud!"


"My child has really opened up at Vermont. He is doing so much better and is a lot happier at Vermont."


"My child is doing very well and I am happy with his progress and the support he is getting at Vermont."


"This school has been brilliant for my son. They have helped him grow emotionally and academically. He faces struggles regularly but there is always someone ready to help him or myself with managing and finding the best way forward. I feel in my son's two years here, he has become more confident in himself and is learning to trust himself and others. I feel he has good tools to move onto the next path."


"Vermont School has helped my son in all aspects of his disability; especially his social skills and anxiety."


"We are so impressed with Vermont School. Our son has progressed so much since starting in September 15. He is much happier, more confident, his self esteem has taken a giant leap and I truly believe it's because he is happy and achieving at school now. 
The staff are wonderful and caring and we are really pleased with how well our son is doing and how he has taken to Vermont School."


"Vermont School has really helped my son come on in leaps and bounds. The staff are all very friendly and understanding and our son is proud to be a pupil here."

Comments from parents, April 2016


"I find the support with CAMHS a major help. My child finds applying and focusing difficult and the school supports my child and my family and this is invaluable."


"My child is very happy at Vermont School and is progressing well."


"We have already recommended Vermont to other parents. We feel that you have been massively patient with us and our child. It's been a tough few years so thanks for all you have done."


"Staff are very dedicated and supportive and there is strong leadership."

Results from our April 2016 parent questionnaire 

(53% of parents returned responses)


My child feels safe at this school:

Strongly Agree:  24%        Agree:  71%        Disagree:   5%


My child makes good progress at this school:

Strongly Agree:  35%        Agree:  65%        Disagree:   0


My child is well looked after at this school:

Strongly Agree:  59%        Agree:  35%        Disagree:   6%


My child is well taught at this school:

Strongly Agree:  53%        Agree:  47%        Disagree:   0


My child receives homework appropriate for their age:

Strongly Agree:  12%        Agree:  35%        Disagree:   41%      Don't Know: 12%


The School supports children with their behaviour:

Strongly Agree:  65%        Agree:  30%        Disagree:   5%


The School deals effectively with bullying:

Strongly Agree:  60%        Agree:  30%        Disagree:   5%       Don't Know:  5%


The School is well led and managed:

Strongly Agree:  71%        Agree:  29%        Disagree:   0


The School responds well to any concerns I raise:

Strongly Agree:  65%        Agree:  35%        Disagree:   0


I receive valuable information from the School about my child's progress:

Strongly Agree:  30%        Agree:  53%        Disagree:   12%      Don't Know:  5%


Do you value the support provided to you and your family when a member of staff attends appointments (including CAMHS)?

Strongly Agree:  30%        Agree:  47%        Disagree:   0         Not Applicable: 23%


Would you recommend this school to other parents?

Strongly Agree:  65%        Agree:  30%        Disagree:   0        Don't Know:  5%


How would you rate our school?

Outstanding:  59%                   Good:  35%               Don't Know:   6%

Comments from parents, July 2015


"My child has had a fantastic first year. So wonderful for us and our child to have a positive parents' meeting, especially after such a turbulent few years prior to this one. This style of teaching and curriculum suits children like mine so well. I have nothing but praise and respect for all of Vermont's staff for providing such a positive community for these boys."


"I am very proud of how far my child has come in the last year. I am very happy with the work the school has put in with my child. Thank you."


"My child has made brilliant progress in the one and a half years that he has been at Vermont. I am over the moon with his progress and that he enjoys his time at school. The staff and the teachers are excellent and I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work with my child towards helping get where he is today in his education. I would recommend this school to anyone. Many thanks again."


"I am very pleased with my child's progress at Vermont. The school and teachers have been a massive support. He is enjoying school now!"


"My child has engaged with the topics and enjoyed this school year which has been his best yet!"


"I feel that my child has done amazing at Vermont school. As a parent, I am so proud of him."


"I am so proud of my child's progress since starting at Vermont and the great effort from the staff. He has learned a lot and grown up a bit and I am very thankful."


"Very pleased with my child. He has made so much progress. My child will miss all the teachers. Vermont has been a brilliant school for him. I can't thank you all enough for all your support and help."