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What our Parents Say.....



"I think that the staff at Vermont School have done a fantastic job in rising to the challenges of delivering remote learning to the children, in a fun and engaging way.

We are all in a challenging situation, and the professional and caring way that the school have approached things means that the children have been able to adapt and engage as well as could have been hoped for.  

The separation from friends in the classroom has obviously been tough for the children, but opportunities to chat, bond and have that opportunity to strengthen and maintain the connections between peers have been built into the lessons and the day.

All in all, I have been extremely impressed with the perseverance and patience of all the teachers and support staff, working in a totally new way, and still being able to encourage and inspire the children in the class.

The resources (educational websites etc) have been a great success and are very popular in our house!

All in all, a phenomenal effort and very successful adoption of remote learning - the staff have my utmost thanks and appreciation."


"It is going well as [my child] is engaging with all of his Zoom lessons every day.  Having a school laptop has helped him to prepare himself for his learning.  He is working very hard. Communication between school and home is very good.  Resources are delivered regularly too."


"You guys have been awesome with the home learning. [My child] loves the Zoom lessons, and is on them daily, The school team is doing a brilliant job. It is well organized.

[My child] loves to see everyone and really enjoys interacting with the other pupils and staff.  She is engaged in her learning including Maths and looks forward to story reading.

She also loves the vouchers 'shop' as a reward.

She is able to move around in the lounge (doing cartwheels, jumping, etc) whilst doing her learning which is helping her to cope well and to enjoy it.

Thank you very much."


"Awesome learning, communication between staff and parents is excellent, lessons are good". [My child] needs support to get into his learning due to his anxiety, however when on Zoom he is engaging with the work. He is missing his friends however he is happy to see them virtually."


"Outstanding provision, really happy about everything", [My child] is engaging in his learning; despite his morning anxiety he enjoys it.  The resources are delivered and we have been able to have a laptop too which has helped my son to access his learning more independently.  The staff are doing amazingly and communication is excellent.

Wonderful support for us all. I cannot fault it."


"I am absolutely amazed by the home learning provided. The online learning sessions are fantastic, welcoming, and engaging for [my child]. He is interacting and enjoying them. When I have raised a concern, I was able to talk to the teacher and it was sorted immediately. Communication between school and home is excellent. [My child] had a laptop from school which was delivered to us by the school as well as working packs."


Parent Comments July 2019


"Thank you to all the staff at Vermont who have played a part in supporting [our child] this last school year.

We know it has been challenging.....but we have also seen some real positive changes in him. He has matured so much and started to accept responsibility for his actions......

.....We have massive respect for everything you do. You are making a real difference in helping children that a lot of the time have been given up on and you have to work extra hard to build them back up to believe they are worth it and stand a chance.

You are all amazing!"


"From day one, you have been a blessing to our family. Thank you for the years of love, guidance and compassion. We will NEVER forget you. But most importantly, thank you for giving [my child] a second chance." 


"To all the Vermont Superheroes!

Thank you for all that you have done for [my child]."