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English is taught every day, several times a day and will often be taught in the context of the IPC topics. 


Children are given different reading experiences through Ruth Miskin's Read, Write Inc Phonics and are also taught reading skills through guided reading, group work and 1:1 support. We aim to foster a love of reading and so will provide the children with opportunities to read books of their choice within their own skill levels. We also read to our children every day. 


Writing will be linked to IPC topics or particular subjects which children have shown an interest in. We follow Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing strategies to enable our children to learn texts orally and pictorially before they need to write anything down. This supports our children who often experience  a reluctance to write and low self esteem with their writing abilities. Grammar and Punctuation are taught also within the context of the Talk for Writing text maps. Writing is themed and developed throughout the year to build on children's skills. Therefore, they will be writing within the themes of informing, entertaining and persuading readers over the course of the year. 


Children learn to read and spell through the Read, Write Inc. phonics approach initially and then by an application of spelling rules and skills to their writing . We support ALL our children by using Dyslexic friendly teaching strategies at all times in our teaching.