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School Uniform

School Uniform


All uniform displaying a Vermont logo can be purchased from the school office for a cost of £18.50 a set (jogging trousers and jacket with the embroidered logo). We recommend children having two sets of uniform. 

Additional items (eg Pale blue polo tops) can be purchased through any good supermarket.


Children are requested to wear the following:

  • Dark blue tracksuit bottoms with the school logo or a blue/black skirt;
  • Dark blue zip up jacket – with the school logo;
  • Pale polo shirt;
  • Blue checked summer dress for summer wear;
  • Black trainers.


PE Kit

  • PLAIN Pale Blue T-Shirt/polo shirt (no football tops!)
  • Dark shorts
  • Plain dark tracksuit bottoms for outdoors in the winter
  • A change of footwear (plimsolls or trainers are ideal for this purpose)
  • Swimming Kit for designated swimming day.


Children who do not wear uniform into school will be fined in Golden Achievements and have their parents called to come in and dress them.