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SATs Parent Information Leaflet

SATs Timetable 2020

Please note ALL year 6 children must be in school for the week of the 11th May 2020.


Year 6 children taking the tests will be provided with frequent snacks to help them through the tests, a quiet environment and moral support from all staff members in the school. 


Monday 11th May -          Key Stage 2 English Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation papers 1&2

Tuesday 12th May -         Key Stage 2 English Reading Paper

Wednesday 13th May -    Key Stage 2 Mathematics - Paper 1 (Arithmetic)

                                        Key Stage 2 Mathematics - Paper 2 (Reasoning)

Thursday 14th May -       Key Stage 2 Mathematics - Paper 3 (Reasoning)


Writing is not assessed by a test but children will be working hard to develop their independent writing skills throughout the Spring and Summer term as teacher assessments may be moderated during June.