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What is Outreach?


The Southampton Advisory Outreach  Service  provides support to schools across Southampton in relation to inclusion and is led and managed by Springwell School.


The team has the expertise and experience to provide support to pupils/students with a variety of complex learning, physical and emotional, behavioural needs across primary and secondary schools.


They aim to develop inclusive educational practices to maximise pupils’ potential and improve pupils’ outcomes, achievements and educational achievement.


They work in partnership with mainstream schools and alternative education provision to develop staff and the school's capacity to be able to include pupils with a variety of complex learning, physical and emotional, behavioural needs in whole school life and give them access to a broad and balanced curriculum.


For specific behavioural support, what does the service offer?

  • Consultation advice and support relating to individual pupils with SEBD to teachers and senior leaders.
  • Bespoke casework for referred pupils for 12 weeks.
  • Bespoke behaviour programmes for pupils including strategies for behaviour management in a variety of environments.
  • Written reports of visits and other documents that can be used to support the EHC process.
  • Whole school development of inclusive practices for pupils with challenging behaviour.
  • Consultation on reintegration packages for pupils returning from permanent exclusion or following a managed move.
  • Meetings with parents/carers alongside the intervention and keep them as informed as possible, as well as signposting them to appropriate agencies for specific support.
  • Support parents/carers to build relationships between home and school.


Vermont School also provides in-reach for staff from schools to shadow the practices of Vermont staff and support professional development. This can be accessed through the Outreach Service, and also directly through the school by emailing the head or the deputy on head@/


If you feel your mainstream child would benefit from support from Outreach support, please speak to your child's class teacher and the SENCO of the school. They will be able to advise you.