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Welcome to Majestic!


Who are we?

Mr Cooper - Class Teacher

Mrs Whitemore - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tarafdar (Miss T) - Teaching Assistant

Miss Gerard - Teaching Assitant







IPC Topics




Autumn 1 -     Chocolate


Autumn 2 -     Young Entrepeneurs

                      Digital Gamers

Spring 1 -       Fashion

                      Feel the Force

Spring 2 -      Let's Plant It!

Summer 1 -    Footprints from the Past

                      What's on the Menu

Summer 2 -    Do you live around here?

World Book Day 2019


Majestic team explored the BFG by Roald Dahl for World Book Day and gathered adjectives to describe the BFG and even wrote their ideal dream. 

World Book Day 2019

Have a look at some of Majestic's World Book day work here!

Upper School IPC topics


Current cycle                                                          Next cycle

Autumn 1: The Holiday Show                                    Autumn 1 : Weather & Climate

Autumn 2: Switched On                                           Autumn 2: Being Human

Spring 1: Space Explorers                                        Spring 1: Myths and Legends  

Spring 2: The Great, The Bold and The Brave          Spring 2: Moving People                                   

Summer 1: Go With the Flow (Rivers)                       Summer 1: Existing, Endangered and Extinct   Summer 2: The Athete                                                              Science: Bake it!                                                                                                              Summer 2: Fairgrounds.



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